As November looms ahead of us we can expect the British winter to finally rear its head soon. The first frosts are beginning to glisten on cars across the nation, and at this time of year our thoughts inevitably turn to keeping the house warm.

Now more than at any other time of year should we be asking how warm the bathroom is. After all, we spend an astonishing amount of our time there, and a not-insignificant amount of that time we spend in states of undress. So heating is essential – but many bathrooms start out with less than they really need, especially when you remember how much time the typical bathroom window spends cracked open.

Exploring Options

So what’s the best option? For an existing bathroom, there are two key approaches; you can replace the existing radiator with something better, or you can add a heated towel rail (or, for greater effect, both!).

There are plenty of options for radiators these days; the convector radiators linked above function much as they do in the rest of the house, but the unique size concerns of a typical bathroom can also make traditional column radiators attractive – particularly super-tall models like the Reina Colona 2 which packs a lot of heating without taking up too much room. You’ll also find that many designer radiators take up less floor space than you’d expect without sacrificing heat.

Fine Control

Because your bathroom is the place you’re most often wearing the least, sometimes you may want to keep the heating on there when you’d worry about overheating the rest of your house.

Almost all the radiators we have in stock can be installed in three separate ways, giving different options for controlling your heating.

Central Heating

The simplest of them all, this installation simply sets your new radiator to work alongside the rest of your central heating loop.

Dual Fuel

In addition to the standard central heating loop, these dual fuel radiators also have an electric element, allowing you to keep your bathroom warm through the summer without heating the rest of your home.

Electric Only

Using the electric element as above, these radiators aren’t linked to the central heating loop (making them comparatively easy new fits) and instead are filled with custom-synthesised oils designed to heat quickly and to retain that heat for a long time. These let you control your bathroom’s heating completely independently of the rest of the house.

The Sky’s the Limit

When designing or rebuilding a bathroom, of course, you want to take future winters into account – and you have one extra option to hand when you do, and it’s a great one!

Underfloor electric heating can change the whole feel of a room, and when standing barefoot on tiles that gently radiate warmth, there’s an immediate and instinctive reaction – any human has it; it’s the same reason that walking on a warm beach feels so good.

Setting that up, with a towel rail to keep those toasty-warm for when you step out of the shower, will give you exactly what you need from your bathroom – so next time you remodel, plan ahead.