When we were kids, the common complaint after a shower, especially in a big family where someone else would need to use it not long afterward, was that we’d tracked water all over the floor. It gets everywhere, it doesn’t drain – there were, and are, so many complaints.utaw

The fact of the matter is that a traditional bathroom may be designed for heavy use of water, but the room itself isn’t built for it.

And that’s one of the reasons that wetrooms have become so popular, so quickly; they aren’t just the room where it happens; they’re purpose-designed for it.

Upgrading to a Wetroom

As with everything else in life, the cost for something new starts out high but it falls pretty rapidly. Companies like Impey, in particular, have really worked hard to bring the price down without sacrificing quality. While it does represent a bigger investment than just putting together a new shower, it’s one that repays itself in life expectancy; your wetroom will last longer and function better throughout its life.

Water drains away easily and quickly, with no risk of it seeping into cracks it shouldn’t and damaging your bathroom fixtures. Best of all, Impey’s various wetroom floor formers are designed to be easy-fit while still making conversion to a full wetroom simple.

If you’re wondering whether a wetroom is the right option for you, we invite you to get in touch.

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