Big ideas for compact bathrooms abound UK Bathroom Store. Whether it is a small cloakroom under the stairs, or simply a bijou bathroom in a small city flat, or an ensuite that you are updating, we have a range of options to transform your small space into a beautiful bathroom. Our expert advisors can help you choose the best fit for both your space and how you plan to use it.

Our Top 5 Tips for Compact Bathrooms

  1. Corner basins and toilets are excellent for eking out the most from your small space. Our favourites include the Eastbrook Loire corner basin and the RAK Origin 62 corner toilet.
  2. Space saving profile showers give you ample room for showering in a tight fitting floor space.
  3. If you prefer to have a bath in your small bathroom rather than a small shower enclosure the Imex Pura Bloque single ended 1300 x 700 bathtub is the clear cut winner at UK Bathroom Store.
  4. Sometimes you may be short on corners and simply need a narrow unit – the RAK Resort Cloakroom Basin offers a small basin with the all important storage you need to keep your tiny bathroom tidy.
  5. Sometimes the answer is multi-functional ceramicware. For the tiniest of bathrooms (and also an environmental winner) – the Eastbrook Metro Combi Sink and Toilet is a clear cut choice for optimal use of space.

Just because a bathroom is small, it does not need to miss out on the comforts of a regular sized bathroom. Whether you are adding a bathroom to your home or office or simply updating your cloakroom, or ensuite, it’s good to remember that great things come in small packages.