At UK Bathroom Store, we know that the importance of hygiene has become even more spoke about over the last few years due to it playing a big part in preventing the spread of disease.

Bathrooms have always been a place where hygiene is a priority as they can be a breeding ground for bacteria, mould and mildew due to the excess moisture and warm conditions. This is why it is really important to know how to maintain good hygiene in your bathroom.

Our tops 5 tips for hygiene in the bathroom :

  1. Wipe down your surfaces regularly.

Your surfaces are one of the main places in which germs will build. By regularly wiping them down every 2-3 days you can help prevent the build up of dust and keep your bathroom sparkling clean.

2. Replace your hand towels regularly.

Your hand towels are your most frequently used towels. Germs can breed much more quickly on these due to the damp, warm and absorbent environment created by constant use. By swapping out towels every couple days you can avoid this build up.

3. Flush your toilet with the lid down.

Flushing the toilet with the lid up can cause microscopic pee and poo particles to become airborne which can sit on surfaces or even be breathed in. Keeping the lid closed when flushing helps to keep the particles under cover and stop them from spreading.

4. Remove excess moisture.

Too much moisture can be a breeding ground for mould and mildew. It can also be harmful to bathroom furniture if allowed to seep into the wood. Make sure you are removing excess moisture by switching your extractor fan on when you shower and if possible keeping a window open as well as wiping any standing water from furniture surfaces.

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5. Fit out your bathroom with hygiene in mind.

The popularity of rimless toilets has grown in recent years due to the easy maintenance and easy to clean design. Rimless toilets do away with the hard-to-reach areas under the toilet bowl reducing the need for aggressive cleaning products.

Our top 5 favourite rimless toilets are:

Villeroy & Boch O.NOVO Wall Hung Rimless Toilet

Imex Acro Fully BTW Close Coupled WC

Eastbrook Dura Back To Wall Toilet

RAK Resort Mini Fully Back To Wall Rimless Close Coupled Toilet

Saneux Uni Rimless Close Coupled Toilet