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RAK Waterless Urinal System Waste RAKGW15
RRP £87.00 Save 45%
RAK Series 600 Wall Hung Urinal with Brackets 310mm Wide White S600URCT
RRP £164.00 Save 45%
RAK Deluxe Urinal Partition Panel White Gloss URIDIV
RRP £219.00 Save 45%
RAK Series 600 Double Exposed Urinal Complete Set S6000URCT-EXPURIPAK2
RAK Concealed Urinal With Auto Cistern 13.5L 498mm x 186mm CONURIPAK3
RRP £747.00 Save 45%
RAK Series 600 Triple Concealed Urinal Complete Set S6000URCT-CONURIPAK3
RAK Series 600 Double Concealed Urinal Complete Set S6000URCT-CONURIPAK2
Villeroy & Boch Architectura Wall Hung Square Siphonic Urinal - White Alpin - 55870001
RRP £812.40 Save 24%
Villeroy & Boch ViConnect URINAL Frame - 1120mm x 525mm - Blue - 92198900
RRP £402.00 Save 26%
RAK 4.5 Litre Exposed Automatic Cistern Pack for 1 Urinal EXPURIPAK1
RRP £351.00 Save 45%
RAK Brackets For Jazira Urinal URIBRAC
RRP £28.00 Save 45%
RAK Series 600 Triple Exposed Urinal Complete Set S6000URCT-EXPURIPAK3

Items 1-12 of 30

Buying a urinal need not be a headache.

On offer are standard urinals or waterless. Waterless Urinals require a waste, but are not connected to a cistern for cleaning purposes. This means the cost is less, you are more flexible when it comes to location, however, they will not be cleaned automatically.

Standard urinals are connected to a cistern and water supply, as well as a waste. 

Decide on how many urinals you require. We offer cistern kits to suit, up to 3 urinals off one cistern kit. 

So,, if you require 6 urinals, you will need 2 cistern kits. 

You can also add Partitions for privacy.