Walk in showers are all the rage these days, gaining popularity due to their ease of access and being a perfect addition to the modern style of a minimalist bathroom aesthetic. Depending on the size and shape of your bathroom, there are plenty of different options for you to choose from.


In a large and spacious bathroom, a two-sided walk in shower enclosure might be your preferred option, allowing you to easily designate a shower area without having to use a full enclosure.
The two-sided style of enclosure usually uses two panels to create a corner, with one stopping water from splashing out at the side, and one to stop it splashing out of the back. The entrance to this shower is the gap in the corner where the two panels don't meet, where water is least likely to escape the enclosure.

This is perhaps the style of walk in shower most similar to 'traditional' showers, being still largely an enclosure, but if you make use of clear, frameless panels, you will still be able to create an effect of spaciousness in your bathroom.

Parallel Panel

The parallel style of walk in shower is similar to the two-sided corner enclosure, but without the splash panel at the back. In general, you will want to choose a shower tray and panel that are slightly longer, to stop the water from escaping as easily.

The panel for this enclosure runs parallel to the wall, and may have both sides open, or just a single one (if you place it in a corner). Using a frameless panel will again create the feeling of spaciousness, as will the fact that there is less to block the shower off from the main room.


If you have a natural alcove in your bathroom, then this is the perfect place for a walk in shower. Already surrounded on three sides by walls, you can use just a single, frequently quite short, glass panel, tile the alcove and add a tray and voila! Instant shower.

Not only does this afford you the great look and functionality of a walk in shower, but it's also an incredibly efficient use of space, since there is very little else that can be made to work in an alcove like this. It also requires less planning to set up, since three of the walls will only need tiling.

Wet Rooms

The ultimate in walk in shower design, it may be a little unfair to include wet rooms on this list. A wet room will allow you to essentially turn your entire bathroom into a walk in shower, removing the need for panels (though they can still be added for effect and separation). Although this requires more effort than simply adding a shower in normally, it can be a great way to make the most of a small bathroom or allow yourself to have more free space in your shower.

If you're interested in creating a wet room, we previously wrote about the subject in our blog here. For any other type of walk in shower, we have a number of choices available, and we're happy to discuss your needs and help you find the best option if you call us on 01524 841087.