Unit so vain, you probably think this blog is about you

vanity unit
We call them vanity units because they hide the plumbing, and the idea was that this preserves the homeowners’ ‘vanity’ – which seems odd, from a modern perspective. But the name has stuck.

It’s an unwritten rule that where plumbing is concerned, it should be hidden.

Most baths are fitted with side panels to do just that, and where free standing baths reveal it, it’s to make a feature of beautiful chrome or brass-plated pipework. But nobody calls these panels ‘bath vanities’ – and yet they do less than the humble vanity cabinet.

Making the Most of Space

We use our bathrooms in two moods; when we need to act quickly and efficiently, and when we want to take our time, relax, and unwind. In many ways, your bathroom has to be one of the most flexible rooms in your home.

For efficiency, you need everything to be in the right place, and to be easily accessible. The additional storage of the vanity unit – especially as it’s positioned right by the basin – allows you to store bathroom essentials (and some luxuries, like bath salts) for quick access when they run out.

No more desperately wishing there was another roll of toilet paper!

But just as important – if not more so – are the times you go there to relax and unwind. After all, you’re in there for much longer at a time that way.

Having everything neat and tidy and out of the way gives an immediate benefit to your relaxation. There’s no part of your awareness nagging at you that something’s out of place, or that a pyramid of toilet roll is sitting in the corner, or whatever it happens to be.

A vanity unit allows you to make the most of the room’s space. It takes an area which is already occupied by the sink basin and allows you to double-up on its use, keeping storage handy and out of site while freeing up space – and as you’ll already know, it’s much easier to relax when there’s a little open space around you than when you’re confined.

Looking Fine

While we do feel that there’s more to a vanity unit than vanity alone, it has to be said that the sheer variety available means that you can always find one that works with your bathroom’s current aesthetic and helps it to look even better.

When choosing your vanity, always take appearance into account as well as its dimensions. If you’re not sure what to go with, you can always get in touch, either online or by calling 01524 487679.