One of the things that means bathrooms stay the same, unchanged, year on year is the pervasive belief that if you can’t completely redo them, there’s nothing really that makes sense to do.

So far, so good – if it were true. Of course, it’s not; these rules of thumb so rarely are, especially those which double as an argument that nothing really needs to be done.

In this series, we’ll be looking at small changes to your bathroom that can make a very big difference.

Small Change #2: The Shaving Mirror

Not every bathroom has a shaving mirror, but the vast majority do. Sometimes it’s the reflective surface of their bathroom cabinet, sometimes something purpose-made.

Using your bathroom cabinet has its benefits, usually in terms of saving space. But what do you do if you don’t have a mirrored cabinet, or if you want to step up your game and make an improvement? What choice do you make?

A good shaving mirror magnifies with minimal distortion. They’re often supplied double sided, with one side magnified and the other not.

A good shaving mirror is also movable, so that you can see any angle you need to without either stretching your neck or contorting yourself in any other way. At this point they divide down into two types; they might be mounted but extendable, like the Bristan Solo EXTMR C, or they might be free standing, like the Miller 682 C.

Either one of these adds a touch of class and flexibility to the bathroom it’s in while also providing a better service to those who want to shave. It’s a small change – but it adds so much to the bathroom it’s in, and even those who don’t shave will find that it adds to their experience.

Shaving mirrors were invented to provide a new perspective that the bathroom needed, one that traditional mirrors couldn’t help with. That has turned out to be useful, not just in shaving, but for everyone.