The bane of many households, and boon of others, small bathrooms might be something you have to put up with, if it's your only one, or a handy little extra if you're installing a new cloakroom. In either case, finding the right furniture and suite for your small bathroom is a big task, but it's also one that has been receiving a lot of attention in the modern world of bathroom design.

Take, for example, the new Aquarius Combination Toilet Basin SpaceSaver. A recent addition to the growing range of options for small bathrooms and cloakrooms, the new Aquarius design builds on the lessons of its predecessors, making use of all the parts that work and adding even more usability based on customer feedback.

Easy to Install

Believe it or not, this isn't just space saving, but also quick and easy to install. Rather than taking the usual 3 hours to put in that competitor combination toilets take, installing the Aquarius should take no longer to install than an ordinary toilet, at around 30 minutes. Don't forget, that includes the installation of the basin too, which means you're actually saving time on the basin installation as well as the toilet.

Space Saving

Of course, this is the most advertised feature of a 'SpaceSaver' toilet, but it's important to note just how much space you'll be saving with the Aquarius.

Compared to most wall-hung, compact and cistern-free toilets, which often manage to be less than 550mm in depth, the Aquarius does jut out further. However, to get a true sense of space saved, you should also be considering the lack of a basin in the bathroom. The most compact basin is likely to be over 200mm, and most space saving basins still come in at over 300mm. If you look at our most compact options, the RAK Compact Deluxe Slimline Basin (215mm) and the RAK Series 600 Back to Wall Pan (500mm), the space comes in at just over the 700mm Aquarius, but without the efficient use of space.


Another selling point of the Aquarius has been its environmentally friendly method of operation. After all, by combining the basin and cistern you aren't just saving space, you're also saving water. The water used from the sink to wash your hands is then re-used to fill up the cistern, saving a huge amount of water that is normally used solely for filling the cistern.

If you have a metered water connection, this is also a great way of saving money on your water bill, making your toilet not only environmentally friendly, but also economically friendly.

Advantages over Competitors

The Sanlamere Caroma Profile Eco 5 was the first combination toilet available, and a huge innovation in space-saving toilet design. While it has been widely regarded as a huge success, however, there were elements of the design that were lacking, and the Aquarius builds on these with a few innovations of its own:

Immediate Water to Tap & Cistern

The Caroma worked by automatically running new water through the tap when you flushed the toilet, meaning that flushing the toilet was the only way to receive water into the basin. While this is obviously acceptable most of the time, this did mean that the basin wasn't as useable as an ordinary one. The Aquarius has the option of using the tap by itself, so that you're not expected to flush the toilet to wash your hands. This water will still go through to the cistern of course and that's ideal for another feature of the Aquarius:

Dual-Flush Cistern

A dual-flush cistern is another water saving device that allows you to only half-flush the toilet when needed, for example to flush liquid waste. By only half-flushing the toilet, you are using less water than a full flush ordinarily would, and if you have a little extra water in the cistern from using the basin, this also means the cistern might not need to refill. Long hailed as a water-saving feature, combining dual-flushing with basin-to-cistern water is a great way to reduce daily water consumption.

Hot & Cold Water

Finally, a large problem with the Caroma toilet was its inability to offer hot water. Since the water flowing through the taps was assumed to be going straight to the cistern, the Caroma only offered cold water for use. The Aquarius will allow you to use the basin for warm water as well as cold, for a much more comfortable and effective method of hand washing.


Overall, the advantages of an Aquarius SpaceSaver are incredible, and with a price tag of only £445 in our store, you're getting a good bargain in the deal. Currently UK Bathroom Store are the only supplier of this toilet, so if you want to hear more about it then please give us a call on 01524 841 087 and we'll help you decide if this is the space saving toilet for you.