When it comes to your new bathroom, there’s no finer choice than something stylish, sleek and modern. As trends move to clean, straight edges, we think that the Aquarius range’s Skara products are a stunning combination of what makes sharp lines so attractive in bathroom design whilst retaining a unique sense of identity. The result is as eye-catching as it is practical.

Take for instance the Skara bath. Even from first glance you can tell that this is a stylish unit that will look perfect in your modern bathroom, but the real trick – both to the bath and to the entire Skara range – are the subtle curves. This is a bath that is as comfortable as it looks.

Aquarius Quality, Armatura+ Dependability

What’s more, the Skara baths come with Armatura Plus reinforcement. That means that you can depend on the acrylic being premium grade and reinforced with bonded layers of Armatura Plus reinforcement and fibreglass. This means that when you slip into your Skara bath, the very shape of the bath will remain solid. There’s no bulging as the water shifts, meaning that you can relax knowing that your bath is going to be as durable in a year as it was the day you bought it.

As well as this Armatura Plus reinforcement provides an unparalleled thermal capacity to your Skara bath. The water is going to stay hotter for longer, meaning that after a long day you’re going to get a bath at the temperature you deserve, for as long as you deserve.

Excellence Throughout the Range

These are the trends that continue right the way through the Aquarius Skara range, curves that don’t detract from the contemporary style of the fixture. For instance, the BTW WC unit provides a solid backing, but a softly curved seat that keeps an element of more classic fixtures. The same goes with the basins – straight lines where it counts, with subtle arcs in the design to keep it all eye-catching and remarkable.

We think you’ll agree that Aquarius’s Skara range is satisfying to behold, and you’ll be stunned at just how affordable a price this quality comes at. It’s easy to see why our Skara bathroom rage has become so popular. We invite you to come and talk to us, either through our form or over the phone on 01524 841087, so you don’t need to delay in having the elegance of Aquarius Skara bath in your home.