basin and toilet comboHere at UKBS we’re hearing more and more plumbers calling to ask us the same question, and we think that those of you in the trade who haven’t heard – and those of you just looking to outfit your bathroom or your downstairs toilet – deserve to hear the answer too.

It’s true – the Aquarius Combination Toilet Basin SpaceSaver is a cheaper product and a faster fit than the Sanlamere Caroma Profile, but without sacrificing quality or comfort.

Combination toilet and sinks like these have been quietly securing their foothold in the market for a while now thanks to their compact, space saving nature, but one of the standard knocks against them has always been that plumbing them in is cumbersome and time-consuming and that they cost too much.

For a long time, that’s been true, but we at UKBS are happy to report that the Aquarius Combination is helping to change both. The Aquarius range is all designed to be easy to fit, and this model in particular turns a three-hour job into a thirty-minute job without losing out on long-term wear and tear or quality of the watertight seals required.

That on its own was enough to get the trade telegraph working, with plumbers who discovered how quick and easy they are to install delighted to find a way to save time without compromising on quality.

But when you compare the price – with RRP on the Aquarius half of what the Sanlamere model’s RRP is – the difference becomes too big not to mention. At UKBS we always keep our prices as low as we can, to make sure our customers get the best deals in the business – so here a Sanlamere Caroma will set you back less than £800. For what you get that’s still a great price, but the Aquarius Combination is currently on a sale for £399!

Make the right choice for your bathroom, but when you’re making that choice, don’t overlook the Aquarius Combination. It’s been one of the best kept secrets of the plumbing trade, but more of you deserve to know!