The temperature’s dropping steadily as this is being written, and that can only mean one thing; winter is coming.

A lot of frozen pipes lie ahead, which means a lot more call on plumbers’ time. Add in Christmas and New Year holidays in December and you get some very full calendars.

If you’ve had your eye on installing new fixtures or fittings for your bathroom and you want professional help, what that means is that you need to book now – or you’re going to be putting it off until into 2018.

Making the Choice

The positives of putting it off include more freedom in booking a time; it could make it easier to arrange. On the other hand, if you get the work done now, you get it done ahead of family visits and busy days at Christmas. Depending on what you’re having installed, it could even act as some extra protection against those burst pipes!

If you’ve been trying to choose between options and you want to act fast, why not contact us for advice? We’ll be happy to point you in the right direction and take your order.