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It’s no secret that a bathroom renovation is an expensive prospect, and what you can achieve often depends on the budget you have available. Although more options are open for those with a larger budget, knowing what to do with the budget you have available is important before you start your bathroom renovation, so you can get a realistic view of what your final bathroom will look like. Here are a few ideas for what you might do with your bathroom on a big or a little budget, and where you might like to focus your budget.

The Bath

Imperial Bath Cast Iron

In a large bathroom, a freestanding bath is the simplest sign of luxury, showing off the amount of space you have, and also showcasing the design of the bath by putting it in the centre of your bathroom. As such, a freestanding bath is an ideal choice for larger budgets, as the more you can spend on your bath, the more impressive it can be. However, no matter how large your budget, a freestanding bath certainly won’t work in a small bathroom.

To save money on your bathroom, it’s often a good idea to forgo having a bath at all, simply investing in a shower enclosure instead. However, if you do want to have the occasional long soak in the bath, there are plenty of great options that still feel great, even if they don’t look as opulent. An acrylic bath really is a high quality choice these days, and you can make a lot of difference by changing the panelling, such as a wood veneer to add to the aesthetic.

The Shower

Glass Shower

While the bath is often the sign of luxury in a bathroom, there are plenty of high budget options for showers and shower enclosures for those who want the best, most practical showering experience. Shower enclosures can come in some exceptionally large sizes, or for a very large budget you can convert your entire bathroom into a wet room. Of course, how expensive this is will depend on the size of the room in question. Other high budget options include extra jets, especially on a column shower, and high powered showers for a more refreshing rush of water.

Of course, showers are also a great low budget option to use instead of a bath. Converting a small bathroom into a wet room is not actually too expensive, and you can save on shower panels by doing so. You can also opt for a smaller shower enclosure, or an over bath shower if you plan on having a bath, allowing you to save money on your shower that you can spend on the bath instead. The cost of a good shower is not too high, it’s only optional extras that start cutting into the budget, and these aren’t necessary for an everyday shower.

The Heating

Under Window Readiator

The high budget heating option is always going to be underfloor heating, which feels amazing. Underfloor heating offers your bathroom a clean, even level of heat, and of course avoids the problem of cold bathroom floors in winter months. Underfloor heating is expensive, and only becomes more so the larger your bathroom is. However, if you want to make a statement, a designer radiator may be the way to go instead, and high end radiators have plenty of their own advantages as well as adding a different style to your bathroom.

Radiators are the traditional option for lower budget bathrooms, though once again small bathrooms can still be reasonably inexpensive to upgrade with underfloor heating, and the running costs of underfloor heating are generally lower. Another option for smaller bathrooms in particular are heated towel rails, which offer just as much heat as many radiators, and have the extra luxury of heating your towels, without much added cost.

Fixtures & Accessories

Accessories for Bathroom

The difference between various fixtures and accessories often comes down more to style than to price. Deciding the style of your taps, handles, light fittings and other bathroom fixtures has a greater impact than how much you spend on them, although since these can have such a great impact on your bathroom, it may be worth splashing out a little extra money on high quality taps. These will see the most use, and so the extra money can go a long way towards feeling the luxury.

Optional Extras

Optional extras are mostly dependant on budget, with higher budgets being able to afford more. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a few low budget options that can make a big impact on your bathroom however. Adding a piece of artwork or nice photograph adds a nice aesthetic element, as does adding a small book shelf with a few books. Larger budgets might invest in a professionally painted wall mural or mosaic, of course, if you really want to make a big impact.

Hopefully this has highlighted some of the key things you can do to your bathroom on both a large and small budget, where you might want to focus your budget, and how having a low budget doesn’t necessarily lock you out of a bathroom you can enjoy.

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