Under Window Radiator

Hardly a traditional fixture in bathrooms at this stage, the heated towel rail is nonetheless an item that those who’ve tried them absolutely swear by and pledge that they wouldn’t live without again.

And why not? Especially in this day and age of modern central heating, not every bathroom has a radiator, and even in those that do, the towel rail allows for better towel access and storage, multiple items to be kept warm and dried at once and, in general, better performance on almost every level.

Most of us first encountered these brilliant devices in the en-suite bathroom at one hotel or other, and there are quite a few who believed that they were simply strangely designed radiators for a very long time. Exposure and experienced turned that around, though, and after a while people began to think in terms of incorporating one of these useful items into their home.

From there, the spread and success of these wonderful items has been a happy inevitability.

Heated Towel Rail 2

Though the basic ladder bar towel rail design has become very familiar, there are many more variations than most people realise until they come to putting their bathroom together; you’ll even see versions where the bars are vertical from time to time, and they have their strong adherents, as do the serpentine ‘S’-style rails.

They also vary in height and width, with some even specifically designed to fit below a bathroom’s window, making use of that otherwise hard-to-fill part of the room’s real estate.

It’s common for heated towel rails to come with a wide variety of optional extras. Most are designed to be incorporated into a variety of central heating systems, but of those, many also offer the ability to install a heating filament and power it from the mains, for those who’d have difficulty in hooking it up to their central heating.

Whatever the dimensions of your spare wall space, there’s likely to be a heated towel rail which will make most use of it. If you’re designing the whole bathroom from scratch, you can safely leave the size and look of the towel rail until quite late in the process, still certain you’ll be able to find one to fit – but you don’t have to.

Why not look at a hinged towel rail, positioned between your bath and shower and your sink, to be swung toward either for easier access? Somewhere near the toilet, to keep that part of the room a little warmer than the average?

Look at the space you have and give some serious thought to what setup would make life easiest for all uses, and you’ll soon have a much clearer idea of what you want to do – but whatever you do, your bathroom should include a heated towel rail. It’s hard to go back to not having one once you’ve tried them.

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