Your bathroom is one of the most familiar places in your home. It’s a place of solitude, reflection, of relaxation after a long day and preparation for another day to come. It’s often a place people hurry through, but it doesn’t have to be.

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In this ongoing series, we’ll be taking a look at dream bathroom restoration projects. These are the kind of safe havens you can really relax in.

These are the fanciest of the fancy; the Bucket List Bathrooms.

Bucket List Bathroom #1: The Devoted Reader

If you have the space in your bathroom to make it a comfortable retreat, why not do so? Carpet is frowned on, of course, but smooth, unpolished floor tiling can provide a beautiful appearance without compromising grip even when your feet are wet.

Ground floor bathrooms may wish to add underfloor heating to keep those tiles toasty and comfortable no matter what, but heating matters more in bathrooms than anywhere else in the home in any case; you should be comfortably warm regardless.

This kind of bathroom hinges on a luxurious bath like the Burlington into A Corner Bath, with room to relax and stretch out, recessed near a window so that the ledge offers a convenient nearby resting place for wine glass and bottle (or gin, according to preference). Non-readers may prefer to substitute candles or tea lights around the windowsill and the flat rim of this bath; if so, candles may be scented. Aromatherapy oils or soothing bubble bath is also recommended.

A heated towel rail should be kept near the bath itself  – so that once the long soak is ended, the warm embrace of a crisp fresh towel is easy to hand.

As the idea behind the Devoted Reader involves luxurious use of space, consider adding a comfortable chair to sit in while you wait for the bath to finish running, rather than absenting yourself from the room or perching on the toiler. A second, deep bathroom cabinet like the Roper Rhodes Scheme can even act as a bookshelf.

Nothing beats a long, comfortable soak in the bath as a way of recharging and recuperating, but you can greatly improve the effects by making it a place to be pampered. The Devoted Reader is all about making your bathroom a comfortable place to spend your time.

We spend so much of our lives in bathrooms anyway that it’s well worth our time making them places we enjoy.

Even if this bucket list bathroom isn’t for you, it’s worth spending some time looking at what you’ve got to work with and thinking about your own.

What’s your perfect bucket list bathroom?