Your bathroom is one of the most familiar places in your home. It’s a place of solitude, reflection, of relaxation after a long day and preparation for another day to come. It’s often a place people hurry through, but it doesn’t have to be.

In this ongoing series, we’ll be taking a look at dream bathroom restoration projects. These are the kind of safe havens you can really relax in.

These are the fanciest of the fancy; the Bucket List Bathrooms.

Prior to now we’ve considered a bathroom built entirely around relaxing in a long bath and a way to make a shower sumptuous, but the fact is that for many homes around the country, both baths and showers are wanted, and while there are many ways to get both, the combination is one of the best ways to do it.

That’s why we’re looking at the Comfortable Combination design philosophy this time around, where a shower bath takes pride of place – and we’ve chosen the Imperial Indulgence Shower Acrylic Bath as our suggested model.


The Comfortable Combination philosophy is built around being a pleasant place to be for brisk, efficient showers and for long, luxuriating soaks in the tub both.

Choose and place your bathroom furnishings carefully. If you usually shave in the shower, you might take a leaf from our recent look at shaving mirrors and mount an extendible Bristan Solo EXTMR C on the shower wall, or you might go with a lit, mirrored bathroom cabinet, but the theme throughout the Comfortable Combination making the most of the room you have; a bucket list bathroom in any size space.

Another item of use whether you shower or soak; a liquid soap dispenser, mounted on the wall of the bath at around waist height, is accessible from both positions and removes the need for much of the clutter that often causes problems for shower bath designs.

Heated towel rails within arm’s reach of the shower end of the bath are highly recommended (but then, they usually are) to make sure there’s no moment of sudden cold air against the skin after you leave the water.

Throughout the design of the Comfortable Combination, you should be asking yourself whether there’s a way to do this more quickly, a way to cut down on moving about. For those looking to shower and go, the efficiency is a major boost; for those more concerned with the opportunity to soak, every second saved is another second in the tub.