With long, dark nights and a chill that sees everyone on your street have to break out the de-icer, scrapers, or leave the car running for a while to warm up, the amount of time people give themselves to get things done outside of the working day gets smaller and smaller through December – and that big block of holiday at the end of the month doesn’t help!

Here to Help

UK Bathroom Store is standing by to supply our trade and domestic customers with anything you need in this chilly, frozen time. Whether you’re worried about the risk of frozen pipes or you’re looking at upgrading your shower so you can stay warm and comfortable during your morning routine – or anything else – we’re here for you.

But we want to remind you – this is a time of year when delivery services are stretched to their limits. It’s a time when our friends in the trade may have to deal with invoices owed to themWintery Scene being processed later than expected as banks and businesses start to break up for the festivities.

We recommend, outside emergencies, ordering early to make doubly sure you have what you need in time.

Don’t Overlook Anything

For our domestic clients, we present a quick reminder; if you have older or infirm relatives coming to stay for the holidays, do you have something to allow easy bathing? The Sagittarius Pebble Bath Mat is currently on sale and can help guard against slipping in the tub, and there are plenty of other easy bathing options if you’d prefer.

Whatever it is you need, now is absolutely the time to make sure you have it to hand.

By doing this, you also allow us to service any emergency customers more easily – so it’s not just helping yourself, but also everyone else in need of support this holiday season.