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HiB Turbo Wet Room Inline Fan - Chrome -  LED Warm White Showerlight - 33900
RRP £151.00 Save 30%
Clearance HiB Vanquish 50 Recessed LED Aluminium Mirror Cabinet with Brushed Brass Side Trim  47600/55500
Now £550.00 Was £606.01
RRP £808.00 Save 32%
HiB Theme 60 LED Illuminated Round Mirror - 600mm Wide - 79110000
RRP £335.00 Save 25%
HiB Cyclone Wet Room Inline Fan - Chrome LED Warm White Showerlight - 33700
RRP £235.00 Save 30%
HiB Turbo Inline Fan, Chrome - Non Illuminated - 33600
Now £75.00 Was £79.80
RRP £114.00 Save 34%
HiB Turbo Inline Fan - Chrome - Cool White LED Light - 32300
RRP £151.00 Save 30%
HiB Vanquish 80 Recessed LED Aluminium Mirror Cabinet - 800mm Wide - 47800
RRP £938.00 Save 25%
HiB Emma Designer Bathroom Mirror - 400mm Wide - 63504000
RRP £109.00 Save 25%
HiB Paragon 120 LED Illuminated Aluminium Mirror Cabinet - 1200mm Wide - 52100
RRP £1,206.00 Save 25%
HiB Breeze Wall Mounted Bathroom Fan With Timer - Chrome - 32800
RRP £106.00 Save 30%
HiB Cyclone Non-Illuminated Wet Room Inline Fan - White - 33300
RRP £183.00 Save 30%
HiB Hush Wall Mounted Bathroom Fan With Timer And Humidity Sensor - Matt Silver - 31800
Now £95.12 Was £105.70
RRP £151.00 Save 37%

Items 1-12 of 235

HiB are specialists in bathroom mirrors, cabinets, furniture lighting and ventilation. These products offer you the very best usability in their field, focusing on how advancements in bathroom technology can improve your daily routine and experience. HiB products keep the realities of your daily bathroom routine in mind, choosing to make their products usable as well as fashionable.


Mist Free Mirrors


Mirrors are an essential addition to any bathroom suite, helping you shave, put your face on in the morning, and generally making sure that you look good and greet the day with a smile. The main problem that many bathroom mirrors face is that they are a perfect place for condensation to gather during your morning showers, making it very difficult to use them when you actually want to use them the most.


As anyone who’s dealt with a misty mirror knows, getting rid of the condensation is no easy trick. HiB have developed a solution, though, which stops your mirrors getting clouded up in the first place. HiB have a range of steam free mirrors available that won’t gather condensation during your shower, giving you a wonderful mist free morning when you most need it.




There’s nothing worse than discovering that your bathroom has an infestation of mould. Not only is it difficult to get rid of, it’s also potentially hazardous for your health. Mold in bathrooms is commonly brought about by poor ventilation, which is why HiB put so much effort into making ventilation products that are efficient and reduce your chances of getting mold.


HiB ventilation units come in a range of styles that can be adapted for your bathroom, and use features that can improve efficiency, reduce power usage, reduce noise and even be turned on or off automatically.


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