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Burlington Soft Close Hinges For Wc Seat - Gold - SP813
RRP £55.00 Save 20%
Burlington Matt Black Soft Close Seat - Black - S48
RRP £155.00 Save 32%
Burlington High Level Dual Flush Cistern Lever - Gold - SP391 GOLD
RRP £35.00 Save 20%
Burlington Standard Close Coupled WC Toilet Including Cistern and Seat Options

From £243.00

To £473.14

Burlington High Level Flush Pipe Kit With Rod - Chrome - T30 CHR
RRP £325.00 Save 33%
Burlington Kensington Quarter Turn Bath Shower Mixer Wall Mounted With Handle Option - KE17-QT
Burlington Cistern Flush Lever - Gold - SP390 GOLD
RRP £35.00 Save 20%
Burlington Wash Stand For 560mm/ 580mm Basin - Chrome - T22A CHR
RRP £475.00 Save 32%
Burlington Basin Plug And Chain Slotted Waste - Gold - W1 GOLD
RRP £45.00 Save 20%
Burlington Ceramic Straight Pan Connector - White - C29
RRP £119.00 Save 20%
Burlington Edwardian Full Pedestal - White - P1
RRP £119.00 Save 20%
Burlington Ceramic Trap For Converting P - Trap Pans To S - Trap Floor Outlet - White - C26
RRP £119.00 Save 20%

Items 1-12 of 299

Burlington create truly outstanding, traditional and vintage style bathroom furniture to help you bring the image of a classic, beautiful bathroom to life. But that doesn’t mean that Burlington are stuck in the past. They have kept up to date with modern bathroom technology, helping you to retain all the functionality and usability of a modern bathroom, with the look and feel of something vintage. A perfect blend of two worlds that work surprisingly well, side by side.


Burlington’s traditional style of bathroom is based very much in the classical era of bathrooms, using older styles that might be more familiar to Victorian and Georgian designers than a modern day bathroom user. Based on very traditional styles, Burlington bathrooms have an air of authenticity and age that many modern bathrooms sometimes miss out on, which adds a feeling of luxury and class to what should be a comfortable and subtly exciting part of the home.


Of course, just because it looks old, it doesn’t mean that the materials or even the design decisions themselves are old. Burlington make sure to keep up to date with all the latest trends in bathroom manufacturing technology, to make sure that the product you get feels new and works well, even if it looks aged and traditional.


Of course, one of the biggest advantages of buying Burlington is the ability to have a whole matching bathroom suite designed for you, without having to pick and choose different parts and hoping that they work well together. Burlington’s designs are designed to all work well with each other, to offer you ease and simplicity when designing your traditional bathroom suite. Everything from the bath and WC to the taps and wastes can be chosen as part of the same set, and you’ll be sure that it all matches and works well together visually.


To start planning your traditional Burlington bathroom suite, call us on or browse more Burlington bathroom furniture on our site.01524 841087