Support for Trade Customers

Whether you need the fastest possible delivery while you’re out on a job or you need to be certain your bathroom fixtures WRAS approved, join the thousands of trade customers who know UK Bathroom Store offers the best service at the best price.

Trade Reps with Experience and Knowledge

Contact our trade experts Marc or Gary and you’ll get the benefit of a wealth of knowledge and useful information that understands how you work.

We have the knowledge to match your needs to a product with the right spec at the right price – and fast. Many of our existing trade customers know they can always call, text or email us with a description of their basic needs and get on with the rest of the job, safe in the knowledge we’ll do the legwork for them.


We know that every day and every job is different and we know the trade need to work with suppliers who can be every bit as flexible.

Whether we’re providing WRAS approved bulk orders or chasing up the one monoblock mixer that fits the client’s old basin, we want you to know you can trust us – so get in touch and let us prove it.

We also offer discounts for bulk orders on par with every other supplier – but we know as well as you do that can be less valuable than a company that won’t waste your time and will go the extra mile to find something ‘just the job, for the job’.

We’ve developed a strong relationship with Crosswater, and we can supply their Mike Pro range – all of which is fully WRAS approved – in bulk with next day delivery.

Meet Marc

UK Bathroom Store's MarcHow Long Have You Worked In The Bathroom Industry?

I’ve worked in the industry since 2011, starting my career on the shop floor at Bathstore in a customer facing role. This is where I learned the industry from the very basics to more complex technical aspects but more importantly I learned how to connect with the customer, build up a rapport and really understand their needs.

I took the opportunity to join UK Bathroom Store and it’s been a fantastic career progression. I’ve moved from the sales team dealing with phone and live chat enquiries to making longer lasting contacts with larger trade customers. I now deal with some of the largest accounts we have and have built a real understanding of the way they work and how their requirements differ from an individual end user.

What do you like most about your job?

I love the team ethic here and the way all the roles overlap. I love being able to find new ways to help our trade accounts and deliver more and more of their project needs as the relationship develops.

Meet Gary

How long have you been in the bathroom business?UK Bathroom Store's Gary

I’ve been working in the bathrooms sector for nearly 10 years now.

What Do You Think Makes UK Bathroom Store Good for Trade Customers?

The best parts of dealing with us is the genuinely personal service. Your dedicated account manager will get to know the type of products you like, look for new or complimentary items to make the job easier and increase margin for you but also, and more importantly, they’re there to help you when things don’t go to plan. They’ll always do their best to get you out of a hole and get the job complete so you can get paid!

What’s the One Piece of Advice You’d Give Interior Designers & Specifiers?

Talk to us about the final design. We aren’t designers so we won’t comment on whether we like something aesthetically but we have a huge amount of experience in knowing if something just won’t work technically. We can also take the specification and make some suggestions, sometimes we might feel you have under specified a product or, indeed, over specified.

Either way we only have your interests at heart. We want the end user to be wowed by the finish, firstly so you come back to us next time but also so the customer shows their friends and we all get more work.

What’s the One Piece of Advice You’d Give to Plumbers?

If you have any questions about how the product fits or is used then ring us.

90% of items that are returned to us as “faulty” are found to have nothing wrong with them but the plumber had just never fitted one like that before and they send it back.

This often causes delays on the job and can ultimately cost you money, we can resolve most things over the phone very quickly so we can help you get the job finished and get paid sooner.