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Founded in 2004, Pura Bathrooms is one of the newer bathroom product manufacturers on the market, but their high build quality and beautiful design has put them on the map fast.

As with only a few other brands, Pura are a company it’s possible to ‘one stop shop’ for, ordering everything you need for a bathroom from showers and baths through furniture, mirrors, and bidets all the way down to taps and wastes.

Pura products are grouped loosely into different lines embracing different styles and aesthetics. The goal is clear; something for every bathroom.

Some of the most popular include:


With clean, straight lines and rounded curves, Arco products have an almost art deco simplicity, catching the eye with a minimalist but pleasing appearance. Because of their simplicity it’s hard to imagine a bathroom style that would make an Arco product look out of place.

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Like the Arco range, Bloque tends toward a minimalist art deco style, giving it a contemporary feel in bathroom design. The difference is in the straight edges and clear cut square designs that inspire Bloque’s look and name – an elegant deco look with an inherently sturdy build.

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The subtle curves built into the Bloque’s designs differentiate it from Pura’s Str8 range. Clean, straight lines and crisp edges produce a beautiful range of modernist chic designs that are sure to stand out.

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Compact, simple, and up to date, the Dekka range fills a niche in the market that many people didn’t realise was there until the first Dekka product was released. Fascinating and fashionable while remaining crisp and well defined.

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Smooth, sweeping curves and clean lines mark out the Echo range. There’s something timeless about these designs, which can fit in just as easily with a traditional bathroom aesthetic as the most inventive ‘futurist’ bathroom style. We recommend Echo to customers who want to stand out without turning it into a statement.

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Essence designs have a muted Art Deco quality to them, fitting well with bathrooms in that style but without committing so fully that redecorating the bathroom means you have to replace your fixtures and fittings. Essence is the individualist’s bathroom range of choice.

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A compact line of designs, the Ivo range shows what a skilled designer can do in space saving while still providing the clean lines and minimalism that are characteristic of Pura. The Ivo designs are all built around functionality and clarity, designed with small bathrooms and cloakrooms in mind.

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Rising in popularity, Flite’s sensibility is about practicality, with basin & cabinet combos designed to give a unique blend of practicality and aesthetic. Flite products can easily tie the entire bathroom together, with mirrors, brassware, and others as part of the design line.

There are many more lines in the Pura product catalogue. Their goal as a company is to make sure that there are always choices within a product range, so that you can personalise within a pre-existing style. An added bonus to this approach is that it makes choosing what you want easier as Pura’s range divisions pre-select a shortlist for you.

To find the Pura line that’s perfect for you, why not call 01524 841087 and we’ll work together with you to pick out the perfect bathroom.